Why Book Emeka?

Booking a sensational keynote speaker who can deliver an engaging talk for your event is an important decision. Here are eight reasons to book Emeka.


1) ImpactDelivering speeches that demonstrate lasting positive effect, Emeka will leave your guests talking about your event.



2) Customised – Taking the time to understand your aims, the purpose of your event and the key objectives Emeka will tailor make his presentation for your individual needs.



3) Captivating stories – An aptitude for storytelling, appealing to audiences and capturing their attention Emeka delivers his concepts through rich and powerful storytelling; impacting through entertainment. 



4) Motivating/Inspiring – Emeka’s passion for his subject matters and insight will leave the audience inspired to take action. His enthusiasm is contagious and will surely infect the crowd.



5) Outcomes – Audiences want something they can take away from a great speech, whether it is strategies, new information or feeling inspired to want to take action. Emeka ensures the audience leave fulfilled, with meaningful tools for future progression.



6) Unique Perspective – As a professional that has worked  across disciplines with young people and practitioners, Emeka has a fresh, compelling perspective.



7) Engaging- Emeka’s talks are fast paced, interactive and highly entertaining. Your audience will be fully engaged and entertained.



8) Relatable – Audiences are able to relate to Emeka and his passion because of the vast experiences he has had in various fields.