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Professor David Wilson, Britain’s leading criminologist and Director of the Centre for Applied Criminology in Birmingham:


“Emeka Egbuonu’s Consequences – Breaking the Negative Cycle fills a criminological gap, and brings fresh insight into what we all should be doing in the wake of the English riots to help young people bridge the gap between school and a law-abiding adulthood.  This inspiring book should be read widely – not least within the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office.”



David Lammy . MP for Tottenham


"Books such as this are crucial to understanding the issues that drive a minority of young people into the kind of lifestyles that are damaging both to them and to the rest of society.  While there is never an excuse for criminal behaviour, we need to try to understand, and tackle, the background issues, such as parenting and lack of opportunities, that lead some of our young people to consider a lifestyle of crime and gang-related violence. Emeka Egbuonu’s experience in dealing with these issues is clearly visible in this interesting and well-informed book".

Actor Jamie Foreman


“Consequences is a valuable insight from someone who tells it as is really is and doesn’t pull any punches. It’s funny, it’s dramatic – but most of all, it’s honest. It’s a must-read and a practical guide for young people, parents, teachers, police and anyone with an interest in making our cities safe and creating a new generation of hope instead of alienation.”

Patti Boulaye, TV, West-End actor, recording artist and President of Support for Africa: 


“It is no good wringing our hands whenever there is trouble on the streets. The point is to do something about it. This book is a valuable insight and guide for anyone wanting to really connect with young people in Britain today. Don’t just sit there complaining about the younger generation. Read this book to find out how to make a difference.”