The Power of Entrepreneurship


We are unable to dictate the social circumstances we are born into but almost all of us want to live comfortably in the future. Unfortunately many young people are living in poverty and are consumed by pressures others don't even consider. Choices and decisions affect futures; some young people are focused on positive steps - starting a business, further education, job applications and more. Contrastingly there are others who want success but are more inclined to pursuing illegal methods for these outcomes.


Emeka talks about harnessing that energy from those young people and intervening through business. This centres on:

  • Social inclusion

  • Building trust

  • Up-skilling and Training

  • Harnessing an entrepreneur mind-set

  • Importance of pragmatic mentors

  • Creating opportunities

  • Guiding a vision, being bold and taking calculated risks.

  • How entrepreneurship can save lives.



Raising the bar of Expectation


It has been well documented how the educational system is failing a whole generation of young people. Governmental strategies and campaigns are focused on raising expectations; aiming that every young person will be pursuing a programme which engages them and enables them to progress in learning and employment. The benefits of this include young people more likely to be in work, earn well, be healthy and less likely to suffer crime or the effects of deprivation. As a community (parents and professionals) we cannot allow our young people to leave prematurely, knowing that they do so unprepared for life and work. This presentation covers:


  • The role of parents in setting expectations

  • Tackling negative mindsets

  • The effects of low expectations

  • Understanding the benefits

  • Analysing the impact of S.M.A.R.T targets

  • 4 Practical steps to raise expectations irrespective of age



Overcoming Procrastination


Procrastination is hands down our favourite form of self-sabotage. Dreamers and achievers are separated by their ability to follow through. It is evident that we often wait for the 'right time' to complete a task, which often never comes. Until you value yourself you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. A current television advert documents this well with a visual of a 'Museum of Procrastination' overflowing with unfinished books, unused gym memberships and musical instruments collecting dust. Passionate about fuelling people with the motivation to get up and do, Emeka has firsthand experience of how to overcome procrastination. This talk includes fresh and effective ways on how to prepare for this long battle such as;


  • Building courage to foster responsible risk taking

  • Developing an effective strategy

  • Releasing your creativity

  • Uncover fresh approaches for motivation, growth and overcoming procrastination



Setting Goals. Achieving Goals.


Many people struggle with achieving success; which differs according to the individual. Although they work hard, plan for success and implement ideas and strategies they still don't seem to get anywhere worthwhile. This can lead to frustration and burn-out. This thought-provoking talk gives the audience a fresh perspective on how to think about goal setting. An opportunity to re-evaluate current stages, and become motivated to concentrate your efforts in the right place. Speaking from a context of setting and achieving a number of goals while pursuing others, Emeka shares his story in a relatable and practical way. The audience will leave encouraged to set goals with new belief in achieving success.  



Speak up, Speak Out, Don’t be spoken for.


In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with information, the majority of it is useless. A large percentage of that information is absorbed through media. How do we filter out the good from the bad? How do we question things that we find questionable? How do we make sure that we retain our ability to think independently and voice and articulate our opinions in a clear and powerful way? Emeka directs this talk to young people of all backgrounds, this is about creating young independent thinkers that are willing to speak up and speak out on issues that matter to them the most.  

This presentation will:


  • Encourage young people to read books, articles, and reports etc.

  • Encourage young people to start writing.

  • Develop mindset of leaders.

  • Develop skills young people need to be social commentators.

  • Motivate young people to stand up for what they believe in and not sit back and accept what is force fed to them. 



Becoming an Author; The art of Self-publishing


Emeka has successfully written and published two of his books and he is currently working on the third. Despite the rise in online mediums and e-books there remains a stigma attached to self-publishing. Lacking the backing of traditional publishers can cause others to disregard your work or expect less quality. Both carry their own pros and cons and this is not an attempt to pit one against the other. However some writers have limited knowledge of the process of self-publishing and this is an area Emeka seeks to shed light on.


Seeking traditional publishing routes can lead to rejections but there are avenues to get your work released yourself. It takes commitment and self-investment but it is possible.  

To self-publish you will need to have more than just the love of writing to see you through. In this energetic presentation Emeka will share his story of how he has sold thousands of copies of his books in the UK, Germany and North America. Emeka has now created a publishing company which only publishes quality books by young writers. You will learn:


  • The importance of building a personal brand

  • Marketing and PR for your book

  • 5 Biggest mistakes to avoid as a self-publisher

  • A step by step guide to creating your author business












Other topics Emeka also speaks about that you can find in his first book 'Consequences'


  • Peer Pressure,

  • How social inequity affects young people

  • Breaking the negative cycle of youth violence

  • Stereotypes and Identity.

  • Joint enterprise and the role it plays in young people's lives.

All of Emeka's presentations will leave 

your audience feeling empowered, motivated and most importantly ready to take action.