Talent in Talent out.

February 29, 2016


I am always on the look out for young people who are taking action in their respective fields. It brings joy to my heart when I see young people tapping in to their creativity to create something special they believe in. There are so many reasons why many people do not even start with the ideas they have, but to overcome procastrination, self doubt and fear is an accomplishment in itself. 


The reason I have created this spotlight section is to bring awareness to some of the great work that is being created by so many driven and taleneted young entrepreneurs, artists, writers, poets etc.


My first feature is TiTO. 


TiTo is a mobile service marketplace for iPhone that works as great as it looks.


TiTo connects talented independent and skilled individuals with others who need their services. Our approach is location-based and that is creating ecosystems of mutual value in over 140+ service categories, connecting consumers with suppliers that were previously unavailable to them before. We even allow users to create more.


The app is beautifully designed and optimised for one finger usage with efficiency and ease-of-use at the core. It comes fully loaded with lightning speed searching, contacting, and bookmarking features to aid in finding the right services to help you with anything, anywhere, and anytime.

With features like voice search, swipe gestures for calling and messaging, curated lists, mutual friends reviews, contract proposals and many more. It makes it easier than ever for users to discover and find the services that are just right for them.


TiTo’s mission is simple: To empower young individuals in utilising their skills to create and maintain their dream job and to become the last stop place for creating and finding services.


To keep track of all the latest news coming from the TiTo team please follow them with all the contact details below.


 Follow us on Twitter @_TiToit 
▸ Follow us on Instagram @_TiToit 
▸ Follow us on Facebook TalentinTalentout
▸ www.TiToit.com


                                              Michael Makinde and Efosa Omorogbe 

                                                               Creators of TiTO





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