Here are some of the things past clients and events organisers have said about Emeka's work. 


“Emeka is a charismatic and interesting speaker. When he spoke at HMP Holloway, he engaged and entertained a large group of women, whilst presenting some challenging and inspirational ideas. His breadth of material and fluid style sustained his audience throughout and gave them plenty to think about afterwards.”


 Equalities Manager at Her Majesty's Holloway Women's Prison.




"Emeka Egbuonu's work transends borders and colour to inspire youth to believe in change."


Rolando Cruz. Homeboy Industries, Los Angeles



             "Great presentation, Emeka's project aroused lots of interest amongst our student                              body. We would love to have him back to speak again."


        Dr. Mark Woolmer, Senior Tutor, Durham University



   "Emeka is a fantastic speaker and kept all our young footballers engaged with a powerful message that inspired them all."


Senior Development Officer. Leyton Orient Community Sports Programme



'we were privileged to have the wonderful Emeka Egbuonu come and share a story with us. Emeka’s story was warm,  engaging and interesting and all the students were interested to know more. They had many questions and wanted more time to discuss. Author, professional speaker, entrepreneur and  lecturer ,  this impressive young man is an excellent role model for our students.  An extra nice touch was his donation of a signed copy of his new novel  as a prize to a challenge he set up. Emeka spoke candidly about his own life and his awareness of the pressures of growing up. The session was a true talking point for our pupils , many of whom requested that we invite him in again.  We were delighted to welcome him to our school and hope to see him back again. Thank you, Emeka'.


    Anne Gallagher, Lead Practitioner at Cardinal Pole Secondary School





Secondary Catholic School
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