Celebrating Sisterhood Documentary 

Episode 2

Celebrating Sisterhood Documentary - Episode 1

How I met my perfect partner - Spoken Word

Emeka's interview on Arise news.

Emeka takes to the streets of London to give away free copies of Ambitions of the deprived and to find out the public's reading habits.

Highlights of Ambitions of the Deprived book launch and art exhbition. 

'I am my brothers keeper'. Promotional video for Concequences breaking the  negative cycle.

Behind the scenes footage for 'I am my brothers keeper'. Interviews with John luke , producer, director and Emeka.

'Message to the youth' A spoken word piece inspired by former students at Barking and Dagenham pupil referal unit.

Joint Enterprise is a short film Emeka made with his former students at Barking and Dagenham Tuition centre in 2013. This film was made to help raise awareness to the doctrine and Emeka uses this video as part of his Joint enterprise workshops and seminars.